Choosing Between Contacts And Glasses


Choosing to go with contacts or glasses will depend on your own preferences. However, if you are in the position of choosing one or the other and you have no experience with wearing either, then you may want to consider the information in this article. It will explain the different benefits and drawbacks both contacts and glasses offer. Benefits of glasses Glasses are maintenance free and this makes them a good choice if you want something to help you see without worrying about any work being involved.

29 October 2015

Getting Your Children The Most Comprehensive Eye Care Available


Your children's health is of primary concern for you, which is why it is so important to take them in for regular medical checkups. For example, you ensure that they receive the best optical care. The optometrist you visit probably does the traditional exam to ascertain whether your children need a new eyeglass or contacts prescription. Yet, more can be done. For parents who want their children to receive some of the most comprehensive optical care possible, there is the ophthalmoscope retinal exam.

14 October 2015

Three Ways An Ophthalmologist Can Help If You're Experiencing Chronic Eye Strain


Eye strain is a fairly common experience to have while using computers, driving, or doing another activity that puts stress on your eyes. However, if you're experiencing eye strain frequently, you should see your ophthalmologist right away for a checkup. In addition to helping to reduce your eye strain, they can also determine if there's a more serious cause to your eye problems. Common Causes If your eyes are experiencing strain, fatigue, or blurriness after using the computer or driving, it's possible that your glasses may be causing the problem.

24 August 2015

3 Tips For Preventing Eye Strain


As more people become dependent on technology, such as computers, problems with eye strain are growing more frequent. Eye strain can lead to a host of problems, including decreased productivity. If you spend a large portion of your day staring at computers and tablets, here are some things you can do to reduce the strain on your eyes.  Pay Attention to Lighting When bright lighting hits your computer screen and you stare at it for long periods of time, you can develop eye strain.

13 July 2015

4 Tips For New Contact Lens Wearers


Contact lenses are a very convenient way to correct your vision, but if you have only ever worn glasses, there are a few things that you'll need to learn about caring for your new contacts. The learning curve for learning how to care for contact lenses is typically short, and it most likely won't be long until wearing and caring for contacts is second nature. If you're about to get your first pair of soft contact lenses, use the following tips:

6 June 2015

Why Do Contact Lenses Hurt?


If you have just taken the leap from glasses to contact lenses, you may not be too familiar with how they are supposed to feel. When you first put them in, they may have felt hard and floated around your eyeball. While the initial wearing may have felt strange, additional wear should become easier. In fact, you shouldn't be noticing your contacts at all while they're in. If you feel any discomfort whatsoever—scratching, burning, redness, etc.

8 April 2015

Tips To Help Your Child Switch From Eye Glasses To Contact Lenses


As a parent, you might be cautious about allowing your child to switch from eye glasses to contact lenses, but you might be worrying for nothing. According to All About Vision, kids and teens find it easy to use and wear contact lenses, and contacts offer many benefits over eye glasses. If you decide to go through with this, here are two important things you will need to know to help your child make this switch.

13 March 2015

What You Should Know About Cataract Surgery


If you have been told by your optometrist that you have cataracts, then you will likely need to have surgery. With cataracts, the lens of your eyes are clouding, which can cause gradual vision loss over time. While it is typically a condition affecting people due to the natural aging process, anyone can have cataracts. Here is more information about this condition and cataract surgery. About Cataracts Cataracts are something many people get as they age.

8 March 2015

The Three Main Types Of Eyeglass Frames


When considering purchasing new eyeglass frames, there are a number of different factors to take into account, such as color, style, price, and designer. However, before you begin to consider any of these variables, you should know what type of frame you are looking for in order to narrow down your search. There are three main types of frames for eyeglasses, all of which offer different benefits over each other. Understanding the differences between the three types of eyeglass frames can help you choose the one that best fits your needs.

4 March 2015

What Is Glaucoma? Causes And Symptoms


Glaucoma is a degenerative eye condition that can result in blindness. Inside your eye is fluid that circulates and allows your eye to retain its shape, as well as deliver nutrients to the eye tissue. In a normally functioning eye, this fluid flows into the eye and then drains out. When glaucoma is present, the fluid does not drain properly. The fluid builds up inside the eye and creates pressure within the eye.

1 March 2015