Online Eye Exams: A Closer Look For Busy Patients


Your optometrist likely tells you that you should have your eyes checked out about every year, but between all of the other demands on your schedule, you may find it hard to make it to your annual appointment on time. The fact is, an annual eye exam is one of those things that tends to get put off, but what if getting a checkup was just a little more convenient? You may be a little surprised to learn that you can now actually get your annual eye exam online with some optometrists. Even though this is a convenient option, there are a few things that you will want to know.

Online eye exams are a convenient take on a traditional optometrist service.

Online eye exams are fitting for those who are way too busy to get to their annual eye exam in a timely manner. You can take the test right on your home computer in your own time, and the test usually only takes about 20 or 25 minutes to complete. Once the testing is complete, you will be informed of your vision needs and will be given the chance to order prescription lenses. The glasses will be shipped right to your mailbox and will not involve a great deal of wait time in most cases.

This is not an eye exam for those with visual health concerns.

Online eye exams are definitely a service that will make common eye exams convenient, but these exams are not designed to detect or monitor visual health issues. During the online eye exam, the only thing that will be measured is how well you can see and if you need prescription lenses to help you see better. This is accomplished with a series of tests that involve looking at diagrams, letters, numbers, and shapes from a distance. If you have other vision problems or you are at risk for certain conditions, such as glaucoma or retinopathy, you should go for a more comprehensive exam at the office of an optometrist.

In order to complete the exam, you must have a computer and a smart phone.

If there is one inconvenience of taking an online eye exam, it is that you must have both a computer with internet connection and a smart phone. Through the test, you will be asked to stand at different distances from your computer screen, and your phone will be used to record what you see on the screen. 

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6 January 2016

Vision and Learning

Vision problems can be sneaky. When my daughter started having trouble in school, nobody thought that the problem could be with her vision. She wasn't complaining about not being able to see ; she was acting out instead. Plus, she could read the eye chart. It took a lot of trial and error to realize that while she could see, her eyes weren't working together correctly. She needed vision therapy to get herself back on track. I started this blog to share information with other concerned parents about how vision affects learning. Don't let a vision problem sneak by you and impact your child's education.