3 Signs You Should Take Your Child To The Eye Doctor


Your child may not know that their vision has changed, as they may not recognize that their inability to see isn't completely normal for them. This is especially true for those children that have always had an issue with their vision being clear. There are some signs to watch out for that may indicate that your child needs to go to the eye doctor and have their vision checked. Read on for some signs that you should take your child to the eye doctor for an eye exam.

1. Your Child Is Getting Bad Grades

If your child seems to be struggling in school, and you don't believe your child has a learning disability, it could be an issue with your child's vision. If your child isn't able to see properly in class, it could set your child's educational course off track. Your child may not be able to see enough to pay attention and their grades may be suffering. If your child is getting bad grades, you should have your child's eyes checked to rule this out.

2. Your Child Is Squinting To See Everything

If your child is struggling to see just about anything, you should have their eyes checked. Squinting to see is a sure sign that your child needs to have their eyes checked. Make an appointment with the eye doctor if your child is squinting. You may notice your child squinting when watching television, or when looking at anything far away. You may also notice your child needing to hold things close to their eyes to see.

3. Your Child Has Headaches Often

If your child has headaches often, you need to take them to the eye doctor to have their vision checked. If your child has headaches, it could be because they are straining to see properly. This strain can result in headaches, as well as neck or shoulder pain. If your child is complaining of headaches or this other type of pain, you should have their vision checked by the eye doctor.

If you notice any of these signs, or you suspect your child has other vision issues because of other signs, you need to take your child to the eye doctor for a vision test and for other vision testing. Make an appointment to have your child's vision tested and you should also take your child to have their vision checked yearly for a checkup.


17 March 2022

Vision and Learning

Vision problems can be sneaky. When my daughter started having trouble in school, nobody thought that the problem could be with her vision. She wasn't complaining about not being able to see ; she was acting out instead. Plus, she could read the eye chart. It took a lot of trial and error to realize that while she could see, her eyes weren't working together correctly. She needed vision therapy to get herself back on track. I started this blog to share information with other concerned parents about how vision affects learning. Don't let a vision problem sneak by you and impact your child's education.