Eye Exams For Health, Wellness, And Peace Of Mind


Eye doctors help patients both young and old see clearly, care for their eyes, and look after their health. These are some of the things that you can do at your eye doctor's office: 

1. Use your vision benefits before they expire.

Many people have vision coverage through their health insurance plan or employer. Like most health insurance benefits, vision benefits typically expire annually. Visiting your eye doctor's office once a year can ensure that you make the most of your health insurance. Some eye care plans also cover the cost of contact lenses and eyeglasses every year or every few years. Make sure to take advantage of these benefits to avoid paying unnecessary bills for your eye care and vision aids.

2. Get eye doctor-approved tips to protect your eyes.

Protecting your eyes can help you enjoy good vision throughout your life. Your eye doctor is a great person to ask about eye care tips. Your eye doctor can tailor their advice to suit your personal health and situation. If you work on your computer for several hours a day, your eye doctor may be able to recommend some blue light screening glasses to help you prevent eye fatigue. Your eye doctor can also suggest helpful modifications that you can make to your everyday routine to protect your eyes, such as wearing sunglasses in bright daylight and looking away from your screens every so often to allow your eyes to rest.

3. Get the tools you need to see clearly.

Vision problems can be hereditary. They can also occur with age. People with myopia and hyperopia have eyes that do not focus properly due to an elongation of the cornea. Fortunately, most common vision problems can be corrected with the right vision aids. Your eye doctor can prescribe glasses or contact lenses that can compensate for the curvature of your eyes. If you struggle to see objects both near and far, your doctor may prescribe bifocals. Even people with astigmatism can use special contact lenses or eyeglasses to correct their vision issues.

4. Set your mind at ease.

Going to the eye doctor's office once a year can give you peace of mind. Eye doctors perform many tests that can diagnose systemic issues, such as diabetes and hypertension. Learning about eye-related health problems as soon as they occur can help you get the treatment you need. Staying on top of your health with regular exams means that you'll never have to worry about an undiagnosed eye issue.

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9 January 2023

Vision and Learning

Vision problems can be sneaky. When my daughter started having trouble in school, nobody thought that the problem could be with her vision. She wasn't complaining about not being able to see ; she was acting out instead. Plus, she could read the eye chart. It took a lot of trial and error to realize that while she could see, her eyes weren't working together correctly. She needed vision therapy to get herself back on track. I started this blog to share information with other concerned parents about how vision affects learning. Don't let a vision problem sneak by you and impact your child's education.