When Your Child Won't Wear An Eyepatch After A Cataract Surgery


While cataracts are often associated with old age, children can also get cataracts. Some children are born with them while others get them later on in life. When a child gets cataracts, it may be necessary to have the cataract surgically removed (by professionals such as those from Midwest Eye Care PC). After a cataract surgery, your child will be required to wear an eyepatch for a few days. If your child refuses to do so, there are several solutions.  

Convincing Your Child To Wear An Eyepatch

If your child is the one who has undergone the surgery and must now wear an eyepatch, getting your child to comply can be very challenging since some children may not enjoy wearing them. It is essential to make your child understand that there are no options, just like how he or she is not allowed to wear a seatbelt. Your child must understand that only an adult is allowed to remove the seatbelt. 

Getting Your Child To Like The Patch

Your child might be resistant to patching because it will be difficult for him or her to see with the patch on. One solution is to have your child engage in fun activities so he or she is distracted from the discomfort of the patch. Have a second patch available to put on if your child pulls the old patch off and distract your child with a new activity.

Trying Different Patches

Experiment with different types of patches. Patches can often come with different comfort levels. After you have discovered a brand that sits comfortably, you should order a large number of them since you can go through quite a few. However, they can be reused if they are not crumpled up when it comes time to put one on again. You'll want to find a brand that stays on relatively well and that does not cause irritation.

Handling Skin Sensitivity

Sometimes, the patch over the eye causes skin sensitivity. Under these circumstances, you should remove the patch and lubricate the skin. Also, consider choosing different eyepatches because each eyepatch product comes with a different type of adhesive and certain adhesive brands might not cause skin sensitivity concerns.

Wearing It With Glasses

If your child wears glasses, the patch should not be placed over the glasses because it will not adequately protect the eye. Instead, the patch should always be placed on the eye, with the glasses placed over the eye.


11 April 2016

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